7 Clear Signs You Need A New Roof Installed

signs you need a new roof

Most homeowners often confused as to when to replace their old roof with the new ones and the answer is simple, you have to keep on looking for obvious signals and signs.

So what are those signs? Well, in this article, we have curated the top 7 signs you need a new roof for your house and building.

1. Age

Just like any other things out there, your roof does have a life span and this factor is usually the most common reason why you need a new roof. Typically, a roof has an average lifespan of 20 years and can go up to 30 years for metal roofs.

So maybe your roof has reached its time and needs to be replaced. However, we advise you to consider hiring a roof inspection firm to get the roof checked, just to make sure it’s the age factor.

2. Missing Shingles

Missing shingles is also another common new roof sign. Since roof shingles are exposed to outside weather and conditions, it makes sense as to why they are susceptible to damage.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that broken shingles and missing shingles are not the same. If your roof shingles are broken, then you still have a fair chance or repairing them. Otherwise, a new roof is the only option left.

3. Severe Roof Leak

A roof leak is a disaster for all the homeowners. We all know how difficult it is to deal with this problem

A roof leak can be fixed to some extend. But if it reaches to the point where your attic is severely damaged, there are big holes in your roof or the chimney are severely cracked, then the only option left is to replace it.

4. Missing Granules

Over time, your roof tend to lose the granules on various places such as shingles, chimney, etc. This is especially true towards the end of its life cycle.

So without granules, your roof won’t last long enough and it’s better to be replaced before everything falls apart because remember, these granules are the one which hold your roof component together.

5. Curling And Buckling

Seeing curling and buckling shingles can mean a sign of bigger issues, like leaking, which can mean a roof replacement.

Shingles can curl because they weren’t lined up properly, they’re old, they weren’t installed correctly, you have poor ventilation in the attic or you’ve got a layered roof. If you see curls, it’s best to have it get checked out sooner than later.

6. Storm Damage

Storm and hail is the most notorious enemy for roofs. Everytime there’s a hail or storm coming, we all know what to do. Sit back, hang tight and hope that our roofs are safe 🙂

But how long can the roof withstand this? For some roofing materials, this may not last long. For some, you can quite make it through a couple of years before your old roof is worn off and need to be replaced with the new ones.

So if you see the damages that seem irreversible or repaired, then probably it’s time to consider buying a new one. Make sure you consult with professional roofers before making any decision.

7. Chimney Flashing

Improperly flashed chimneys can cause rotting roof sheathing and framing members. Chimneys need to be properly step-flashed and counter flashed so that water can’t run down the face of the chimney and into the attic.

If your flashing consists of roof cement and tar, it may need to be replaced with a long-term, water-tight fitting, which would be a metal flashing system.


And that’s all for the top clear signs that you need to look for when considering for new roof replacement. Keep in mind that these are just the common signs.

Other signs to look for such as roof vent issues, rusted roof, roof rot, etc. can also contribute to your decision in finding a new roof replacement.

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