Need a roof for your commercial property? Call Kimball Roofing today. We offer a variety of roofing solutions for commercial properties throughout Utah. Kimball Roofing can give your commercial building the look and protection required to keep it attractive and safe for years to come.
Commercial structures in Utah have special roofing needs. They require roofs that complement both the rest of the structure and the surrounding area while withstanding extreme weather conditions like snow and ice. Kimball Roofing is able to meet both of these needs and provide commercial clients with roofs that offer decades of satisfaction.

Big and Small Commercial Roofing Jobs

Kimball Roofing takes on both big and small roofing jobs. We can handle a variety of commercial roofing needs, from projects like strip malls to multi-story office buildings. Our professional roofers have extensive backgrounds in construction, so when we take on a commercial job, we can offer solutions that meet design and load needs.

Industrial Commercial Business & Retail

Commercial Roofing Gallery

Our Commercial Roofing Team

At Kimball Roofing, we employ a team of professional roofers that knows how to take each aspect of your commercial project into consideration. We understand what types of roofs function best for certain structures, and we can offer suggestions for your commercial roof and use our knowledge to make your roofing vision a reality. Whether we’re replacing an existing roof for a client, or installing a roof on a structure for the first time during the new construction phase, we have the skills and professional certifications needed to make sure the job goes smoothly.

Your Roofing Options

You have many roofing options for your commercial building, and Kimball Roofing is happy to discuss those choices with you. We realize that doing business in Utah, where winters see snow and summers are scorching, means being selective about the materials your company uses for its roofing. We also know that aesthetics play a big part in roofing selection. Kimball Roofing takes the time to get to know our clients’ unique needs when it comes to their specific business, so that we can deliver the perfect roof in an extremely efficient manner. For business owners working on eco-friendly projects, Kimball Roofing is proud to offer a selection of sustainable and earth-friendly roofing options.

Eco-Friendly “Green” Roofing

Call Kimball Roofing for your next commercial or industrial project of any size. We would love to talk with you about your roofing requirements and our custom services. Your search for professional commercial roofing contractors is over. We offer quality, courtesy, and efficiency for every commercial roofing job.