9 FAQs about Commercial Roofing Every Commercial Property Owner Should Know

Whether you are planning for a complete tear-down or just carrying out a repair for your commercial property, you will have several questions along the process. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about commercial roofing that every commercial property owner in South Salt Lake, UT should know.

1. How will I know that my commercial building requires a new roof? 

There are many signs of a damaged roof. When you notice leakages in your roof or increased costs of heating and air conditioning, it means that your roof is not properly insulating the house. When this happens, you need to consult an expert to establish whether you need a complete roof tear-down or just repair to damaged parts. 

2. What is the best time to conduct a roof assessment

Checking your roof regularly is preferable. The earlier you find out the damages to your roof, the better and less costly the repair cost will be. 

3. What is the expected lifespan of my commercial roof system? 

Many things affect how long your commercial property’s roof is. These factors include weather and the type of roof you installed on your commercial property. For example, Spray Polyurethane foam can last for 30 to 50 years, while single-Ply membrane TPO will last 15 to 20 years. 

4. Approximately how long will it take to have a new commercial roof installed? 

Many factors influence how long the project will take, including the kind of roof installed, size, any damage already present, weather, and permits requirements. 

5. How do I choose the right type of roof for my commercial building? 

Consider the climate, HVAC requirements, energy costs, and any specific needs of the facility. 

6. How do I select the right contractor to work on my commercial roof? 

Ensure you get your contractor from a reliable database or the National Roofing Contractors Association for accredited companies. 

7. How should I ensure that I keep my commercial roof warranty? 

The warranty you buy will have an impact on the extent of the warranty’s coverage. Ensure you have a manufacturer’s full system warranty or a contractor’s warranty, which are the commonly used types of warranties. 

8. If I have a commercial roof leak, what should I do? 

Call the emergency phone number provided by your roofing contractor immediately. Ensure you have them on speed-dial to help you manage the situation. 

9. How can I know which roofing material is best for my commercial roof? 

It can be overwhelming to choose the best roofing material for your commercial structure. You must consider the affordability, durability, and aesthetics of the material. 

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