Salt Lake City Dining

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Whenever we get the chance, we stop in for a meal at one of our favorite places, or we pop into someplace new to try it out. Over the years, we’ve established a list of some great Salt Lake City restaurants that we’re happy to recommend whenever someone asks us about where to eat in the city.

If you’re new to Salt Lake City, we strongly suggest you sit down to breakfast, lunch, or dinner at one of the following restaurants. If you already live in Salt Lake, but you haven’t tried the restaurants listed below, make a point to do so soon. All of these restaurants serve amazing food, and they’re run by nice people whom we are proud to call our neighbors.

All Chay

All Chay is a Vietnamese restaurant that makes amazing pho. It’s sweet, healthy, and delicious, which is a pretty great combination, if you ask us. When you visit All Chay, do have the pho but give the Lemongrass Vermicelli a try, too!

1264 West 500 North, Salt Lake City, UT 84116



Buts sits in the heart of Downtown Salt Lake City, and it’s been serving up tasty sandwiches since 2012. It uses fresh ingredients to quickly prepare sandwiches with traditional and unusual ingredients. Consider the Barbacoa-Grilled Jackfruit Sandwich or the Pesto Sub at Buds.

508 East 300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84111


Zest Kitchen and Bar

If you want an organic and vegetarian meal, head over to Zest Kitchen and Bar. This restaurant serves up flavorful and creative dishes, and it offers an innovative cocktail menu that focuses on fresh ingredients sourced just days prior. Think about settling in with a Fresh Berry Lavender Lemonade cocktail, a Spring Fling with Organic Green Juice and Gin, or a Beet Sangria. Zest often has a live DJ and dancing, too!

275 South 200 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84101


Sage’s Café

Sage’s Café recently relocated to Salt Lake City’s Central 9th Business District. The new location made it possible for the restaurant to provide a wider range of menu items, drinks, and spaces for leisurely dining. Sage’s offers seating in the Café and in the Jade Room. In both areas, you can enjoy wonderful daily specials, seasonal small plates, classic dishes, and a full cocktail menu.

234 West 900 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84101


Frisch Compassionate Eatery

Frisch Compassionate Eatery opened in the Spring of 2012. Since day one, it’s been a popular restaurant with people who have a passion for scrumptious food in a variety of flavors. Frisch celebrates a liberating, compassionate lifestyle by serving plant-sourced dishes that nourish, satisfy the palate, and keep animals safe.

These are just a few of the best restaurants in Salt Lake City. There are dozens more, so after you’ve eaten at these, you still have Omar’s Rawtopia, Café Solstice, The Pie Pizzeria, Zao Asian Kitchen, and Nostalgia Café to try. Have fun dining at these great Salt Lake City restaurants. And, next time we talk, let us know what you thought of them![/fusion_text][/one_full][/fullwidth]