Specializing In All “Energy Star” Products. Apply For Your Consumer Energy Credits

Is your roof “HOT”, heating up your house or building, costing you Hundreds or Thousands of dollars in Summer cooling energy cost and Equipment maintenance?

Energy Star roof systems installed by Kimball Roofing & Repairs are saving building owners thousands, making the roof pay for itself. A recent energy audit showed these results 50,000sq.ft. $.1384 savings per square foot per year+$6,920.00 in energy savings per year! That does not include additional savings in equipment maintenance. In Nevada, a recent installation of a Vinyl roof system on Whiskey Pete’s Casino/Hotel resulted in annual Kwh cost savings of $74,486.00.

Some of the Energy Star roof systems Kimball Roofing & Repairs is installing include: EIP Vinyl a polyester reinforced vinyl membrane pre-manufactured to perfectly fit specific roof. The white membrane reflects 86% of the suns energy. Kimball Roofing & Repairs installs more roofs in Utah than any other contractor making them the Energy saving experts. Accelerated testing data shows roofs lasting well beyond the 15 year non-prorated labor and material warranty. This also can come in a 20 year non-prorated labor and material warranty.

For repair and maintenance of existing roofs, Kimball Roofing & Repairs uses Republic Coatings Energy Star products to patch, repair, restore and coat roofs to extend the life of the roof and help building owners save on their energy costs. This is also a 100% tax deduction because it falls under building maintenance.

Though Utah legislators and power companies are behind the times, many other States like Nevada and California have instituted aggressive tax credit and energy rebate programs for building owners who install cool roof systems saving energy consumption. Smart Politicians know that to build energy plants it costs 5 million dollars to create 1 Kwh verses 5 cents to save 1 Kwh.

Up to $1500 in tax credits available!

How does it work? If you are reroofing your primary residence, and use an energy star qualified product, you are eligible to take a tax credit for 30% of the material price. For example, if you are having a newoof installed, and the material cost is $2000, you can get a credit of $600 on this year’s taxes. This means when you get your refund, you will get back $600 more than you would have otherwise.