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Types of Roofs

When it’s time to choose a roof for your residential or commercial property, you have dozens of options available to you. Which type of roof is the best? Well, that depends. The right roof for you may be different than the right roof for your neighbor. The best roof for you will be one that [...]

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Selecting a Contractor

If you know you need roof repair or replacement, but aren’t sure how to pick the right company for the job, the following information will be invaluable to you. Choosing the right contractor for a roofing job, no matter how big or small, is essential because your roofer will be responsible for your safety and [...]

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Salt Lake City Dining

Kimball Roofing loves Salt Lake City. We love being able to provide an invaluable service to our neighbors, and we enjoy getting out and about in the city, meeting up with people at some of the greatest local restaurants in the region. Whenever we get the chance, we stop in for a meal at one [...]

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Roof Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential if you want to get longevity out of your roof. It’s important that you plan for frequent roof checks, and take a few precautions, if you want to protect your family, your home, your business, or your investment. The following are some roof maintenance tips that you can follow to keep [...]

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Roof Installation Process

Sometimes, we talk with potential clients about our roofing services, and questions come up about what to expect during the roof repair or roof installation process. Homeowners and commercial property owners are understandably concerned when they think about how repairing, or replacing, a roof might impact their lives. Homeowners are often hesitant about beginning the [...]

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Location Salt Lake City

Location / Salt Lake City If you currently live in Salt Lake City or own a business here, or you’re thinking about moving to the area, you might be wondering about the stability of the economy and real estate market as well as projected growth for the city. Kimball Roofing, a leader in Salt Lake [...]

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Location Heber City

Location / Heber City Heber City’s a place where people can live, work, and play with beauty all around them. It’s a laid-back town in a lush valley, and it offers a friendly atmosphere with great access to large metropolitan regions. Kimball Roofing has chosen to be a Heber City roofing company because we love [...]

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Best Weekend Activities in Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah, is an incredible place to live. While we do experience our fair share of extreme weather conditions, Park City residents actually take advantage of these conditions to have incredible fun. Weekends in Park City are especially ideal for relaxing, doing things you love, and enjoying the company of family and friends. Our [...]

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