Regular maintenance is essential if you want to get longevity out of your roof. It’s important that you plan for frequent roof checks, and take a few precautions, if you want to protect your family, your home, your business, or your investment.

The following are some roof maintenance tips that you can follow to keep the roof on your residential or commercial property in good shape and help it last:

Inspect Your Roof Twice Annually

Mark your calendar to inspect your roof twice a year, every spring and fall. You’re going to want to clear enough time to give your roof a thorough inspection, which should include:


  • Cleaning your gutters. Remove leaves, sticks, or other debris that has piled up. This will prevent water backup that can damage your roof.
  • Look for missing or damaged shingles. It’s easy to replace a few missing or damaged shingles, and Kimball Roofing can handle this task for you.
  • Check for signs of algae or fungus. Large collections of algae or fungus are not good for a roof. If you spot algae or fungus, install lead or zinc control strips or give us a call to do it for you.
  • Examine your roof’s flashing. Make sure that it’s solid and stable. If it’s not, call us to remove the caulk, scrub the area, and reseal your roof.
  • Inspect for rust. Metal roofs, and roofs with metal areas, need to be inspected for rust buildup. If we spot rust, we might be able to scrub it off with a wire brush and repaint the metal.
  • Seal cracked caulking. Check around chimneys and joints for signs of deteriorating caulk. If you spot an area of deterioration, Kimball Roofing can quickly recaulk for you.


Any signs of leaking, inside or outside of your structure, should be addressed immediately. If your roof leak gets worse, you might have to spend thousands of dollars for a major repair instead of a couple of hundred for a small fix.

Occasional Maintenance

Additionally, you should tend to the following roof maintenance issues:

  • Blow off or sweep debris on your roof. Every so often, take a blower or broom and get rid of debris that is piling up on your roof. Debris can damage your shingles and encourage algae to grow.
  • Trim branches around your roof. If there are any tree branches that are hanging low, or touching your roof, trim them to prevent debris buildup and possible fire damage.
  • Remove snow accumulation quickly. Whenever a thick layer of snow gathers on your roof, you’re in danger of roof collapse. During a snowstorm, or right after it, pull snow off of the roof with a snow rake.

Don’t ignore regular roof maintenance. Small issues can lead to big problems that you probably don’t want to deal with.

Of course, if you do have any minor or major roof issues, Kimball Roofing is always here to provide you with assistance. Kimball Roofing has been in the roofing business for more than 20 years, and we’ve worked on more than 20,000 roofs! If you need more advice on how to maintain your roof, or if you’re in need of roof repair, please feel free to give us a call today!