Location / Park City

Park City’s location, nestled in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, offers residents and business owners plenty of perks. There’s always gorgeous scenery around, snow season is typically heavy (which means tons of skiing and lots of opportunities to sell cool ski gear), and there’s usually a steady influx of visitors who come to enjoy the natural beauty. These facts help the Park City economy, and they bring stability to job seekers and businesses.

Kimball Roofing is happy to be a leading Park City roofing company and bask in the glory that Mother Nature provides the area. We spend a lot of time admiring the views, but we take our place in the city seriously because, sometimes, extreme Park City weather means that we’re called in to help with roof repair.

Park City’s community is a close-knit group of people who live, work, and play together, and we love the fact that we’re so loved in the area. We plan on staying in Park City for a long time and enjoying the camaraderie of our neighborhood.

What’s an average day like in the lovely Park City? Well, it depends on the time of year, of course, but it usually involves waking up to beauty, greeting your neighbors, heading off to do something outdoors (especially on the weekends), eating great food, and pretty much doing whatever it is that makes one’s life worthwhile.


A Resort Town

Park City offers all the enjoyment you’d expect from a resort town, which is why we have so many homeowners staying here to live the relaxed life and tons of business owners setting up shop to sell recreational gear to tourists. While Park City is known for its laid-back atmosphere, they city is also a thriving metropolis featuring world-renowned restaurants, major resorts, and fabulous shopping venues.


Prime Location

We wouldn’t trade our place in Park City for anything. Despite some harsh weather conditions here and there, Park City is perfect in terms of its proximity to nature, major highways, Utah airports, and amazing cultural spots. The city’s convenience and accessibility keep it thriving, and many people never want to leave when they get here and experience Park City living. Park City’s Wasatch Mountain Range is said to have some of the “Greatest Snow on Earth,” offering a uniquely textured fluffy powder that draws tourists from all over the globe.


Park City Living

Locals adapt to the Park City weather conditions by retrofitting older homes and retail structures and sometimes building newer and sounder buildings. Park City was originally a mining town, so it has its share of homes and businesses that need a bit of care. That’s where Kimball Roofing comes in. We help homeowners and business owners, who love the history of Park City, take their treasured properties into a new era.
Kimball Roofing is the trusted source for Park City roofing repairs, and replacement. We proudly offer quick and courteous service for those who love the area as much as we do and want to enjoy many more years here during snowy winters or sunny summers.