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If you currently live in Salt Lake City or own a business here, or you’re thinking about moving to the area, you might be wondering about the stability of the economy and real estate market as well as projected growth for the city.

Kimball Roofing, a leader in Salt Lake City roofing, frequently handles residential and commercial roofing jobs in Salt Lake City, so we’ve seen some amazing changes over the years. Additionally, we’ve heard a lot of talk about a future Salt Lake that makes us want to stay connected to the city for a while.

Homeowners in Salt Lake City are seeing a very hot real estate market right now that’s pushing housing prices up and offering some intriguing inventory. Residential remodels and new builds in Downtown Salt Lake and in the surrounding communities are happening at an extremely aggressive rate. In fact, Salt Lake City has one of the quickest moving housing markets in the United States right now, along with Seattle, Denver, and several cities in California.

Since Salt Lake City homeowners are choosing to stay where they are and enjoy the flourishing Utah culture, and new Salt Lake residents are coming in droves, the city’s economy and real estate market are both booming. This is great news for companies currently doing business in Salt Lake City as well as those looking to move into the area.


Salt Lake City Economy

Salt Lake City is enjoying a thriving economy and has a strong economic outlook. Salt Lake City’s unemployment rate is better than the national average at below four percent and improving at an impressive rate. This is of course good news for businesses hoping to call Salt Lake City home.


Salt Lake City Real Estate Market

The positive signs in the Salt Lake City economy have helped the city’s housing market tremendously. New construction is now 20.2 percent higher than Salt Lake’s long-term average, with condos being one of the most desirable types of housing. Downtown Salt Lake City is, perhaps, where the largest growth is occurring in terms of new construction for residential and commercial buildings. Permits issued for single-family home construction have actually declined a bit, but we’ve worked with tons of folks who love Salt Lake and are choosing to remodel and stay put. We feel good about the fact that many types of homeowners want to stay in Salt Lake and enjoy all the city has to offer.


What Salt Lake City Growth Means for You

Something we find amazing about real estate in Salt Lake City is that even through the growth, prices have remained affordable. This is important for new homeowners who’ve perhaps bought a fixer upper and need cash to repair a roof, replace it, or complete other refurbishments. It’s also good news for business owners who have purchased a building needing repair or are starting the building process from the ground up.

As Salt Lake City continues to push forward and thrive, Kimball Roofing will be here through it all as your leading Salt Lake City roofing company.